About Me

I’m a photographer living near Springfield, Missouri. I grew up in this area, and have been raising a family here.

I started taking pictures with an artistic intent after seeing the work of Daido Moriyama and learning about the famous Japanese photographer’s unconventional approach to his art.

However, I’d say my pictures are more influenced by the poets, William Carlos Williams and Frank O’hara. I want to make images that are succinct and exact like Williams, and off the cuff, casual, and clever like O’hara. That’s a little easier said than done, but I enjoy trying.

I’m currently working on a project that I set for myself of taking photographs of my city at night, especially downtown, the one part of town that comes to life in the evening. This endeavor initially started because nighttime was when I had leisure to pursue photography.

I came into the city with my camera after the daily responsibilities were complete and the kids were in bed for the night. I started taking pictures of the area around Park Central Square, with its restaurants, taverns, coffee shops, and nightly entertainment.

I found human drama and an atmosphere that made an appropriate backdrop for photos that bring up questions.

I have an Instagram account for these photographs, @417Nights. It’s been fun walking around for hours, meeting people, staying up late, and thinking about how to frame the unfolding human vignettes.